Protect your brass musical instruments with Dent Guards



My name is Maurice Zahner. I have repaired and rebuilt damaged musical instruments for over 40 years.

Many years ago, it was brought to my attention how dents actually affect the tonal clarity of the sound produced throughout the instrument.

As much as I love to repair and impress my customers with outstanding results reshaping heavily dented bows, today's costs have made this type of craftsmanship expensive and less and less economical. It was my own customers that wished that there was some sort of protection that would stop this problem of accidental dents occurring in exposed places on their horns.

This was not an easy challenge making a curved guard with a double taper. It has taken years of consideration and trial efforts, bending and cutting, making various molds, finding suitable plastics, to develop this important inexpensive accessory to your musical instrument. I am proud to say that we have now produced and are releasing 3 models of guards for French Horn, Trumpet and Trombone.

Compare the cost of dent repairs to the the cost of Horn Dent Guard... a quality (invisible) dent repair could cost you anywhere from $200 to $500. Immediately you can see that Horn Dent Guard is many times more economical. You can't stop people from having accidents, but a small investment in protection is certainly a much smarter choice. We call it Prevention through Protection.

On this site, you will find further details, pricing, and instructions on placing an order.

Glad to help support your music programme. Looking forward to hearing from you.

I think that people like myself in this industry will definitely love this invention. Stay tuned to see our video demonstrations of this product!

These guards are not a mass produced product, they are basically hand vacuum formed, hand cut, hand sanded and hand packed. The process is quite difficult.