Protect your brass musical instruments with Dent Guards


Tired of sending your Brass Instrument in for expensive dent repairs? Tired of looking at ugly, unsightly dents that devalue and spoil that clean tonal sound? There is a way to protect the vulnerable areas of your musical instrument investments.

Horn Dent Guard offers a revolutionary protection system to help keep your personal, school and band horns looking and sounding new!

The real value. These guards are NOT a mass production item. They are individually molded, cut and finished by hand, here in our musical instrument repair factory in Brisbane, Australia. There are four concepts to these guards. They will protect the lifetime, appearance, value, and sound qualities, of your investment. In the long term, they will save you money.

Don't let this happen to your investment:
Fit a Horn Dent Guard, like this:
And your instrument will be protected, like this:

No new horn should be sold without a Horn Dent Guard!

Horn Dent Guard Features

  • Protect vulnerable areas of your instrument
  • Are made from a patented custom taper in high impact plastic
  • Gently attach to your instrument
  • Instantly fit to most makes and models
  • Does not tamper with the quality of your sound
  • Can be easily adjusted by a repair technician
  • Save money on costly repairs while preserving the appearance of your investment
  • Absorbs 70% to 100% of the impact
  • Attractive in appearance
  • Fits like a glove
  • Great new product
  • 100% Australian Made